Pressurized Downdraft Paint Booths - Wisconsin


Count On Us for All Your Finishing Needs


Final Process Equipment and Supply is a supplier of liquid and powder application equipment and systems dedicated to providing only the best equipment for every application. We can customize a system for your unique requirements or provide a solution from a large selection of per-engineered equipment. Creative engineering and attention to detail will assure that you get the right system for your application. From automotive equipment to large industrial systems, we can provide the best system for your application.


Final Process products and supplies include:

  Turnkey finishing systems

  Paint and powder booths

  Dry-off and cure process ovens

  Parts washing and deburring

  Paint and powder equipment

  Fluid filtration equipment

  Waste water elimination systems

  Spray guns – air HVLP, airless, electrostatic

     pressure pots

  Clean air units and breathing filtration units

  Face masks

  Air and fluid hose

  Paint booth intake and exhaust filters

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