Closed Loop Wash Water Recycle


The Wash Water Recycler filtration system is a closed-loop recycling system that recycles pressure washer effluent and treats it for reuse. An air operated double diaphragm pump transfers the solution from a containment pit to the filtration unit. The solution passes through a self-cleaning paper indexing filter and then gravity flows into the process tank. The process tank has a series of weirs that settle out the oil and an oil skimmer mop sweeps up the oil and sends it to a collection pail or drum. Ozone is continuously injected into the solution to kill any bacteria. The clean solution is then transferred via gravity back to the pressure washer. A small 110 volt electrically operated pump continuously recirculates the solution back through paper bed filter. The system also monitors the solution level and has an automatic fill which includes a chemical injector to add a preset percentage of chemical. A manually operated diverter valve is included to divert any rinse water (if required) to drain. The filtration system has a footprint 3'- 5'' wide (with control panel) x 6'- 4'' tall (with oil skimmer) x 7'- 3'' long and holds 170 gallons of process water.


Process Steps:


Step 1: Process solution is pumped from a containment pit to the indexing paper filter unit using an air operated diaphragm pump.


Step 2:  As the solution passes through the filter media, it flows into a process tank and

through multiple treatment zones.


Step 3:  In the settling zone, the oil separates from the solution and is removed using an integrated mop skimmer. The waste oil is contained for disposal or recycling.


Step 4:  After the oil is removed, ozone is continuously injected to kill bacteria.


Step 5: Fresh make-up water and chemical is automatically added to the tank to account
for evaporation and carryout. A venturi injector maintains the preset chemical concentration.


Step 6: The treated, clean solution is then gravity fed back to the pressure washer inlet.


Features and Specifications:


   110 VAC Recirculation pump keeps the solution from becoming stagnant during

   non-production periods.


   Manual diverter valve can be added to direct rinse water to the drain if required.


   Automatic diverter valve can be used to separate chemical solutions into segregated

   recyclers for added savings.


   Process tank holds approximately 170 gallons.


   System is 7' long x 3'' wide x 5' high (Plus Skimmer).


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